Briefly about the narrative essay and its purpose

First of all, a narrative essay is one of the most popular student writing assignments. It differs from academic writings in terms of curiosity and creativity. Students write about their own experience, different events, situations, etc. Narrative essays give you the opportunity to express as well as share your experience with other people, following the appropriate structure of the text. Usually, these types of essays are especially popular in high schools and universities. Very often narrative essays can also be used in college applications. Therefore, it takes a lot of effort to write a narrative essay at the highest level.
You may ask, "What is this essay for? What is its main purpose?" The answer to this question is clear and simple. Its main goal is your experience. You need to not just express it, but choose the right way to do it. A narrative essay can be equated with a check of your mental abilities, especially in terms of storytelling. First of all, it should be interesting and informative. You need to do your best to present it in the best possible way and to interest the readers. This task requires the use of various creative skills. In addition, you can also use your imagination. A narrative essay should always be written in the first person as you talk about your own experience. Try to present the information as exciting as possible.
Special attention should be paid to the topic of your personal narrative essay. The more you are interested in it, the better result you will get. There are a lot of topics for narrative essays. But you will definitely be given a topic that is related to your life and experience. For example, you may be asked to write about your favorite holiday or some pleasant memory. You have to be prepared for any kind of questions. You may also be given some prompts about your topic. In any case, choose the best story for a narrative essay and write about it.
Try to choose stories that really played a big role in your life or even changed it. Write how it affected you and how it ended. Choose an experience that is not only interesting or impressive, but also practical. Surprise your readers. Influence their emotional state and teach them something new, is that cool or not? Choose only the best kind of story for a narrative essay.
If the university requires you to write a narrative essay, do your best to show your mental, writing and analytical skills. Prove that you deserve to be a student and are not afraid of any challenges. Share your experiences with others as well as teach them something new.

The role of proofreading

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