The main steps of the writing process

A narrative essay is a type of writing assignment in which you write about your personal experience. Quite often such an essay is characterized by a clear chronology and interesting information. Writers usually use a variety of techniques and methods to influence the reader's feelings as well as their emotions. Therefore, there are certain criteria that determine the success of a narrative essay. If you want to write narrative essays correctly, so pay attention to the following aspects:
- Clearly state the main idea of your essay
- Use as many details as possible, which play a key role in the perception of your essay
- Arrange all events in chronological order
Usually a narrative essay is not long. This is a short and clear statement of your own feelings, thoughts and experiences. It consists of three parts: introduction, body and conclusion.
In the introduction, you need to provide as interesting information as possible and briefly talk about the topic of your essay. Try to avoid long presentation of information. Do your best to interest the reader.
The body of the essay is its central part, which usually consists of three to five paragraphs. You need to give at least one simple example in each paragraph. In general, they should be related to the main topic of your essay. Use a variety of descriptive words as well as techniques to better influence the reader. In addition, you can also use anecdotes.
The conclusion is the last element of the narrative essay. In the conclusion, you summarize all the important points that have already been mentioned in your story.

Types of essays and topic choice

Of course, narrative essays are one of the most numerous writing assignments, but there are also other types of essays. It is possible to distinguish between argumentative, expository and descriptive essays. They all differ from each other, but at the same time all the above types of essays are related to the impact on the reader. They affect readers, their emotions, thoughts or just inform them about something. They also can be written on different topics.
 The topic is one of the most difficult stages of writing a narrative essay. You have to be glad with your choice and be interested in it. Try to choose a topic that would be most relevant to your experience. In this case, you will be able to describe it from different aspects. The end result depends on the topic. If you choose the right one, the result will exceed all your expectations.

Artistic elements and techniques

So, it is a common knowledge that by using various artistic means we improve the perception of the text. And it is the absolute truth. Therefore, try to use many artistic elements that also affect the perception of information during writing a narrative essay. These can be different epithets, comparisons, and so on. Use many descriptions to give the reader a better idea of the situation. Use complex sentence structures.
Moreover, you can even use rhetorical questions. Such techniques help to attract the attention of readers. Describe events and situations in detail. In this case, readers will be better able to relive your experience with you and understand your behavior in a particular situation. Make arguments to support your main idea. Also argue a variety of facts to summarize your ideas. It's very simple, isn't it?