Basic aspects of the writing process

The personal narrative essay is one of the types of academic assignment. Its main purpose is to give the student a chance to share a certain experience or event from their life using only a pen and paper. So, it is very important to plan your narrative correctly, because your success depends on it. There are many tips that can help you in writing a personal narrative essay. Let's consider the following tips:
- Focus on the key information and important details you want to write about in your essay. Remember that first of all, you have to share your own experience, so you need to write in the first person. You write a story about yourself, not about someone else.
- Choose an interesting topic in which you are really interested. This is one of the first tips, because your productivity will depend on the topic you choose. In addition, you should be interested in what you write about. Remember all the events in your life and choose one of the most memorable. Choose only interesting and funny stories that could lift the spirits of other people as well as interest them. Tell them about your experience. Think about how this experience affected your life, maybe it has changed cardinally or you have shut yourself off from your old friends.
- It is important to note that this type of essay is related to human emotions. You need to create the greatest possible emotional impact on other people and follow all the rules to realize it. First of all, think about your readers. Try to predict how the person will feel while reading your narrative essay. Try to write about events or stories that also include emotions. This is a good way to quickly evoke emotions in readers. Use words that best describe the situation and help the reader relive the event with you. Use your imagination. Describe the various details and events as briefly as possible. In this way you will help the reader to better understand your story.
- You can write about a learning experience that changed you, about a lesson that played an important role in your life, or just about something funny that happened to you or your family.
- Structure plays a key role in the correct writing of a personal narrative essay. It consists of the following elements: introduction, body and conclusion. In the introduction you need to briefly describe what you will write about. It can be called a "reader's trap" as the introduction always attracts the most attention. The body of the story needs to give the reader some information about what happened and how you feel about it. The conclusion is no less important. Here you draw conclusions about the described situation or event, and determine how it affected your life.

Other elements and tips to include

To make your essay more dynamic, use a variety of artistic techniques to do so. You can use anecdotes or dialogues. This is a good way to present information and its easy perception. Use transition verbs in sentences. Try to use different types of sentences such as complex, interrogative, compound, and so on. Diversify your content with characters who took part in an event.
Don’t forget about descriptive language. Use a variety of words and phrases that will make your essay even more entertaining. Be sure to reread your essay. In such way, you can avoid many mistakes or add some additional information.
In addition, if you want to write a personal narrative essay, you can read various examples of these types of assignments. This is a good opportunity to get inspired and learn something new. But remember the more important thing: you write about yourself. You tell a story from your life, your emotions and desires. You share your experience with other people. Therefore, use the above tips and write your personal narrative essay correctly.